Hospitality Division

Ajwad Hospitality was founded in December of 2011 by Sheik Ammar Naghi to create food and retail concepts that delight customers by offering value for money and high-quality ingredients in a relaxing and safe environment. Under Ajwad’s management are Labeeb’s Lebanese restaurants, Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt branches, and the catering division.

Labeeb was founded in Jeddah city in December 2011 as a Lebanese cuisine, casual dining restaurant providing the market with fresh Lebanese foods and fusion of cold and hot beverages with immense vision and an innovative spirit.

Labeeb developed a unique concept gathering cold and hot appetizers, Lebanese mezza, mixed grills, main dishes, breakfast menu, sandwiches, salads desserts, and beverages.

In 1989, Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt opened the first frozen yoghurt outlet in Cape Town. This phenomenal concept was the first in South Africa. A few years later, Marcel’s growing demand took it to the next level with the opening of various other outlets across the Western Cape. In 2011 Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt launched in Jeddah, introducing splendid new tastes and flavors to the Saudi market. Marcel quickly became a household name with quality products and constant innovation and development of new flavors.

Frozen yoghurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream or other frozen desserts. Yoghurt is a natural filled cultured dairy product containing protein, calcium, and Vitamins that provide benefits where milk cannot match, even people who are moderately lactose intolerant can enjoy frozen yoghurt.

Catering Division

Ajwad Hospitality catering division developed specifically for our corporate clients. A catering division, which focuses on the needs of the market. The division realized that businesses are looking for caterers that provide high-quality products, timely services, and a variety of menu options.

Our corporate menu features an assortment of creative items ranging from different international cuisines.

Ajwad’s corporate catering division’s clients can rely on personalized and consistent service from Ajwad’s representatives who can brief their clients with their catering profile and services, and are ready to customize the services to satisfy their clients’ needs

The team is managed by international chefs and professionals with a broad experience in the hospitality and food industry are ready to serve their clients in a friendly environment.