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The Yousef M. A. Naghi & Sons Group has its origins back in 1911 when a local Jeddah resident, Mohamed Abdulwahab Naghi, laid the foundations for the company. Not only did he start a small distribution business in Balad, Jeddah, but at the same time, he also began what was to become an enduring tradition for innovative marketing. With innovation being the keyword as he was one of the first in Saudi Arabia to use company-branded delivery trucks to improve name recognition.

As the business expanded and flourished over the years in Saudi Arabia, the Naghi name was established as a significant player in the market with multiple sectors of the Kingdoms developing economy.

Ammar Y Naghi, son of the late Yousef M. A. Naghi, built up the present group, United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd, to its current status and reputation.

Company Overview

United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. established in 1995 with a vision of excelling in the expansion and delivery of volume quality and efficient service delivery in products and services ranging from consumer electronics, home appliances, air conditions to home facilities.

Under the prolific leadership and precognition of Sheikh Ammar Naghi, the brand expanded its branches and business sectors with many international names. The company expanded its field of interest and specialization into electronics, home retail, technology & business solutions, and the food & hospitality industries.

Owing to the company’s never-ending efforts to expand and attain the best international brands, United Naghi gathered together a pool of top brands in each product category forming a distinct ranking and brand image in the retail, projects, and hospitality sectors.

With its headquarters in Jeddah, the group operates throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a comprehensive network of offices, warehouses, and showrooms.

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