LG Electronics introduces new home technology solutions to the Saudi market

BARCELONA – LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator, revealed its 2017 premium product line-up during the company’s annual two-day innovation event, InnoFest 2017 in Barcelona.

The company is focusing on improving product functionality to reduce human effort and save energy. LG’s premium product strategy will witness a boost with the introduction of these premium products across key markets in the Middle East and North Africa region in 2017, including Saudi Arabia later this year.

Several home appliance machines as well as home entertainment gadgets were showcased during the event, including the latest air-conditioning solutions, LG TWINWash washing machines and LG Signature OLED TV W.

The TWINWash washing machine features a large top washer and a smaller pedestal washer, the LG TWINWash Mini – giving the power to wash two loads of laundry on two different cycles concurrently for a combined 24kg capacity.

According to Scott Jung, the vice president H&A MEA/Asia sales and marketing function division, this innovation was launched last year as a smart solution for people that wash clothes several times a day.

“In America, they have many clothes to wash two times a day. The TWINWash in Korea is very popular and sales have exceeded our expectations,” Jung said.
Latest air-conditioning solutions

Kevin Cho, vice president of air solution B2C sales and marketing function division in LG Electronics, said energy consumption is one of the major concerns for customers and governments, which makes LG’s energy-saving air-conditioning systems ideal.

“We want to introduce inverter technology to the Middle East and Africa,” said Cho while explaining that regular air conditioners can only turn on and off but LG Inverter Technology can control rotation frequency to produce cooling more efficiently.

New LG air-conditioning units, which will be introduced to the Saudi market soon, have dual compressors, making them 60 to 70 percent more energy efficient.
LG Signature OLED TV W

LG’s revolutionary new LG SIGNATURE W7 OLED has a new concept. The TV is titled W because it has a wallpaper-like appearance. It is less than 4mm thick when measured from the wall. The 77-inch and 4K TV won the 2017 CES Best of Innovation Award as well as several other prizes.

The OLED W7 series exemplifies cutting-edge innovation within the home entertainment space. The sense of immersion is completed through up-firing speakers, which produce Dolby Atmos sound.


LG product innovations to support Vision 2030’s energy-saving program

BARCELONA — LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator, is focused on introducing energy-saving products to the Saudi market in line with the government’s Vision 2030 program that aims to save energy and lessen dependency on oil, among others.

Eddie Jun
Eddie Jun

Eddie Jun, president of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia, made this revelation during the company’s annual two-day innovation event “InnoFest 2017” in Barcelona, to reinforce LG’s position in the global consumer electronics and appliance industries.

Launching several new technologies at the event, the president of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia also disclosed the company’s plans to expand more in the Kingdom in order to further enhance the customers’ experience.

Jun moreover said since all products such as air-conditioners and refrigerators consume a lot of electricity, so the company will bring the inverter technology to the market. These products would contribute to the Saudi Vision since they will reduce the usage of electricity and lead to energy efficiency.

“New products for 2017 will be in the Kingdom. We already introduced the TWINWash washing machine which features a large top washer and a smaller pedestal washer, the LG TWINWash Mini — giving the power to wash two loads of laundry on two different cycles concurrently.

He also said that LG is planning to expand the number of stores in Saudi Arabia from the current 40.

LG showcased its 2017 premium product line-up during Innofest 2017 that was held on Feb. 15-16 and attracted over 250 retailers, partners and customers from across the Middle East and Africa, including the LG Signature Oled TV, LG Signature Refrigerator, the LG Signature TWINWash washing machine and the LG Signature Air Purifier.

LG recorded a good market share last year, although there was a reduction in the technology segment. The company is expecting to increase the market share by With the launch of premium products, LG is expecting to increase the market hold.

LG reported a revenue of around $47.92 billion in 2016, with a net income of around $109.31 million. LG’s operating profit last year was around $1.16 billion, a 12.2 percent increase from 2015 due in large part to strong performance by home appliances, air conditioners and home entertainment.



LG Home Cook Chef Competition

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LG Electronics focuses on energy-efficient home appliances


LG Electronics (Saudi Arabia), a world leader in home appliances, is the first electronics company operating in the Saudi market to comply with SASO regulations, by providing less energy consumption products, and ultimately saving Earth for future generations.
SASO regulations have been set up with the aim of guaranteeing that all electronic appliances available in the Saudi market — especially those imported — are designed to save energy & protect the environment for future generations.
With advanced eco-friendly technologies such as direct drive motor technology with Inverter control and linear compressor technology, LG was able to introduce a series of new electronic home appliances (washing machines and refrigerators) that fully comply with SASO continuously-upgraded regulations.
LG has started manufacturing energy-efficient and environment-friendly home appliances long time ago. The Inverter Linear Compressor was first introduced by LG back in 2001. 
LG refrigerators featuring Inverter Linear Compressor technology, proved to be approximately 32 percent more energy efficient than those equipped with conventional reciprocating compressors, in addition to being up to 25 percent quieter compared to another Refrigerators powered by a reciprocating compressor.
Additionally, LG Direct DriveWashing Machines are high-efficiency machines that cut energy costs and water consumption, compared to conventional washing machines.
Unlike conventional washing machines, LG patented Direct Drive technology attaches the motor directly to the drive to reduce vibration, noise, and energy usage.
Commenting on LG stand with regards to SASO, Deuk Soo Ahn President of LG Saudi Arabia, said: “We at LG Electronics are conscience of our duties and responsibilities vis-a-vis energy consumption and environment protection, in addition to being respectful of the relevant local regulations. Our smart appliances offer consumers impressive energy and time savings along with greater health benefits.”




LG claims new achievement in aftersales services

DSC_0257 - CopyAPP - Copy

LG Electronics Saudi Arabia welcomed SVC managers from the MEA regions at a special event On Oct. 21 to celebrate the company’s achievement in aftersales services in the MEA region in 2015.United Naghi and Shaker Group held the event in Jeddah from Oct. 21-22.

This was the first conference held in Saudi Arabia in more than 10 years. This time, all LG MEA subsidiaries showcased their achievements.The conference also reviewed LG’s achievements while focusing on the company’s present and future endeavors to deliver more added values to enrich customers’ lives.

The core reason behind the conference was to highlight the dynamic benchmark role played by Shaker and United Naghi in Saudi Arabia and to showcase to what extent they provide impressive aftersales services.
Today, every LG customer is able to enjoy the same level of faster and matchless services either at United Naghi’s 19 service centers or Shaker Group’s 39 centers. 
At LG, there is a firmer focus on 100 percent in-home repair, which boosts the customer’s satisfaction and convenience through the company’s toll-free hotline, call center, mobile application found in Google store or via the LG website.
Deuk Soo Ahn, president of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia, said: “We’re very proud to be voted as the best player in the aftersales services over the years. We’ve always strived to support a solid working environment and create a greater balance among our staff, as well as foster a sense of one team community. Both United Naghi and Shaker Group are really playing vital roles that everyone is really proud of.”
A statement on behalf of the president of LG MEA service subsidiary, said: “Our proven success in offering a high level of aftersales services and our experience in creating borderless connectivity have led LG toward a sustainable growth.”




LG Smart Gas Cooker launched in Kingdom

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LG Electronics Saudi Arabia has recently launched a new line of gas cooker equipped with a host of convenience-enhancing features. The newly launched product not only helps create tastier dishes, but cleaning is now a cinch, where the entire cooking experience is made much safer.

LG’s new gas cooker is a high-performance appliance enabling the most complicated of gourmet dishes to be made faster and easy. Through LG’s Power Convection technology, dishes are cooked in less time than in conventional ovens. Adding to this process is a special fan circulates hot air inside the oven, shortening cooking times by up to 20%. The dual heating feature allows the use of the grill and oven functions in chorus so the cooker distributes heat more evenly. With Rotisserie Grilling feature, consumers can create gourmet meat dishes in less hassle, bringing an outdoor-grill-like quality into the comfort of their homes.

With LG Gas Cooker, users need not a regular clean for their oven, so they keep their kitchens more hygienic. The removable glass door comes off in two easy steps, allowing it to be cleaned separately. Moreover, the oven cavity is easier to clean with the Catalytic Cleaning feature that oxidizes food residue at temperatures above 200 degrees, making it easier to wipe away even the hard-to-reach back side of the oven cavity.

Equipped with various safety features, the new gas cooker is designed to make the kitchen safer. The Flame Failure Device automatically cuts off the gas should the flames unintentionally be extinguished. With the special ventilation system, the Safe Touch feature ensures that the Gas Cooker front door and its components are kept cool to prevent skin-contact burns, especially for households with young kids.The grill operates with the door closed, so less odor and smoke are produced.

“LG is dedicated to create solutions that fit the needs of Saudi Arabia consumers,” said Deuk Soo Ahn, President of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia.  “The launch of the new gas cooker highlights our commitment to deliver trusted and reliable products. LG will continue to do its utmost to remain a global leader, he noted.


LG unveils environmentally friendly refrigerators



LG Electronics has introduced its latest line of advanced refrigerators in Saudi Arabia.
Designed with Saudi consumers in mind, LG claims the new refrigerators deliver convenience enhancing features, including dual door-in-door system, which keeps food fresh longer and helps the interior stay better organized.
“The new cutting-edge lineup is designed to meet the needs of eco-conscious Saudi consumers looking to maximize their convenience in the kitchen,” the company stated.
LG’s bottom-freezer refrigerators are industry leaders in efficiency, with a total no frost energy grade rating of A+++ -20 percent made possible by the refrigerator’s inverter linear compressor.
This advanced compressor utilizes a straight piston drive instead of the conventional one, resulting in less internal friction, higher reliability and greater durability with less noise.
LG refrigerators feature inverter linear compressors, which is nearly 32 percent more energy-efficient and up to 25 percent quieter than their non-inverter counterparts. The compressor is of high durability and is backed by 10-year warranty.
LG made consumers’ lives easier with its innovative door-in-door technology to give family members quick access to frequently sought food items.
The right door-in-door compartment is accessible from the outside at the push of a button, making the space perfect for items that are frequently consumed by every member of the family, such as snacks and drinks.
The left can be opened with the hidden easy open handle at the bottom of the door and is ideal for storing essential cooking ingredients such as pre-chopped vegetables, condiments and sauces.
Both compartments are equipped with moving baskets, enabling users to easily adjust the height of the internal compartments as they see fit.
“These advanced door-in-door refrigerators from LG provide innovative solutions in every home. They are perfectly designed to match the Saudi environment,” said Deuk Soo Ahn, president of Saudi LG Electronics.


LG focuses on global premium TV market with OLED TV


LG Electronics introduces its latest OLED 4K TVs at IFA 2015.
Aimed to sell more than one LG OLED TV per minute, Brian Kwon, EVP and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, cited four overarching marketing directions designed to solidify LG’s leadership role in the home entertainment market.
It strategizes to lead the global OLED TV market with an expanded OLED TV lineup by conducting enhanced marketing campaigns to expand OLED TV’s market penetration, strengthening its dominant position in the smart TV platform business, and enhancing profitability in the audio-video product segment.
With the “world’s first high dynamic range (HDR)-enabled 4K OLED TV,” LG will incorporate HDR technology in more of its OLED TV lineup.
The company will invest in a variety of marketing campaigns to increase international sales of its OLED TVs with product introduction tours and OLED displays at major airports in the world. LG is confident that strong reviews of LG OLED TVs from product testing organizations and media outlets will drive more interest in consumers. One US publication recently named LG’s OLED TV as this year’s best TV and LG’s model 65EG9600 was recognized as the King of TV by electronics distributor Value Electronics.
LG will continue to expand its webOS platform with more smart TV content from partners such as Netflix and YouTube, movies from local content suppliers and a range of new applications. The company will kick off an HDR content streaming service for webOS 2.0-enabled smart TV users in partnership with Amazon and roll out its value pack upgrade for webOS 1.0 user, which includes free features available in webOS 2.0.
Deuk Soo Ahn, president of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia, said: “It is a good opportunity to showcase the OLED sophisticated technology at the largest consumer electronics events. This technology is perfectly suited for leading the new TV generations.”



United Yousef M. Naghi becomes exclusive distributor of TCL’s air conditioning products


United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd., one of the major electronics and appliance’s distributors and retailers in the Kingdom, has announced its appointment as the new and exclusive distributor of TCL air conditioning products in Saudi Arabia. The event was attended by Ammar Naghi, CEO of United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd., TCL’s delegates from headquarter and sub dealers.In addition to announcing the partnership between the two companies, the event introduced TCL’s air conditioning product line. The models that will be available across the Kingdom through the United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. showrooms and its network of sub-dealers include the split and the window air conditioners offering innovative products at affordable cost in the market.

Naghi said: “We are proud to announce today our new air conditioning distributorship agreement with TCL, China’s No.1 industrial brand. We are setting a new milestone for both United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. by adding another first-class brand to our diversified portfolio.”

In the Q1-Q3 period of 2014, TCL’s industrial group sales revenues reached $ 11.26 billion while the company’s net profit scored around $ 0.5 billion. In the same year, the TCL brand’s value exceeded $10.87 billion and is continuing to lead the Chinese industrial segment for nine consecutive years.

Naghi added: “TCL is a first-class manufacturer of ACs with products sold around the world. The brand has achieved outstanding results worldwide markets and I anticipate great success for their air conditioners in the Kingdom as well, especially that the products fulfill a wide spectrum of consumers’ needs, including advanced performance, enhanced hygienic and air-filtering features, stylish design, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness.”




LG launches the Largest TV in Saudi Arabia


LG launched the new state of art largest Curved Ultra HD TV in Saudi Arabia, with a host of features and benefits that impressed and stunned consumers worldwide. By launching the 105” Curved Ultra HD TV, LG crossed all boundaries, expectations, and targets the elite who are passionate of immersive viewing.

The unparalleled and gigantic interactive screen comes with a picture quality of 5K, that helps the viewer fill the field of vision for the most realistic and overwhelming viewing experience ever, frame the movies just like at the theater with authentic cinema formatting that removes black bars from the top and bottom, and complete the immersive entertainment experience with a world-class 7.2ch 150w sound that blends beautifully with the brilliant ULTRA HD visual. 

A 5K display has a 5120 x 2880 pixel resolution at a 16:9 aspect ratio, which means the picture quality has 14.7 million pixels and a total of 44.2 million sub-pixels.  This offers LG Curved Ultra HD 105” viewers an overwhelming cinematic experience on a gigantic screen.

Moreover,  the 105′ LG Ultra HD TV boasts highly refined sound quality, realized in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, the leading audio solution in the industry. This resulted in a matchless satisfaction of the eyes and the ears with a picture-perfect viewing experience made possible only by LG.

The new gigantic TV set is designed with a curved screen and a floor-type stand to naturally fit our vision range, and is the most optimal form for any display – providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes. Shaped after the natural form of human sight and vision, the screen is more comfortable and the images more real.

Over and above, the 105′ LG ultra HD is a Smart (+) TV with Launcher with webOS  that revolutionizes the way people watch and experience entertainment on their TV. Free from the complexities and complications of advanced technology, viewers can now enjoy Smart TV the way it is supposed to be, simple and intuitive, bringing together all their favorite catch-up TV, movies, sport and music services. Whatever the consumer wishes to watch, find, launch, or play, can do it easily with webOS.

Commenting on this latest LG’s TV technology, Deuk Soo Ahn President of LG Saudi Arabia, said: “The 105′ Ultra HD Display is another first from LG that is constantly concerned and focused on developing innovative and cutting edge devices that cater to the consumer needs and aspirations for the ultimate in design, performance, durability, and picture quality. We are confident that the consumers in Saudi Arabia, especially the demanding and refined segment will be overwhelmed by this incomparable jewel and viewing experience.”

Retailed at SR350,000, the largest Curved Ultra HD TV is for the upmarket.  The LG official expressed optimism about the new TV, saying that around 5 to 10 units of this product will be sold in the Saudi market a month. LG Consumer Electronics Division in Saudi Arabia is under the United Yousuf M. Naghi Co. Ltd — SG