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United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. was established in 1995 with a vision of excelling in the expansion and delivery of volume quality and efficient service delivery in products and services ranging from Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, AC and Home

Under the prolific leadership and precognition of Sheikh Ammar Naghi, the brand expanded its branches and business sectors with many international names. The company has recently expanded its field of interest and specialization by in investing in areas of retail and hospitality; namely EDDY – Electronics and Furnishing and AJWAD Hospitality.

Owing to the company’s never ending efforts to expand and attain the best of the international brands to delivery and serve towards various aspects in the Kingdom, United Naghi gathered together a pool of top brands in each product category forming a distinct ranking and brand image in the retail and the hospitality sector.

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It accrues its success to the various brands under its banner such as LG Electronics, TCL, LAKES, Century, OCEAN, MAGIC, SMEG, and COWAY. It also has amplified its retail division with EDDY Electronics & Furnishing to provide full home solutions in an inspiring and creative environment. It pursues its expertise in products varying from electronics to textiles. Hospitality is also an enterprising sector wherein United Naghi has set a successful imprint upon with its recent conceptualization of Ajwad Hospitality.

With this chain of top names working successfully amidst the growing competition in the sector, United Naghi attains a prestige status of being the very best in each product and service it aims to deliver.


The Group’s consumer electronics and home appliance company started in 1995 to represent the then Goldstar brand, which was re-launched as LG Electronics. The company has now grown to over 1000 employees but more impressive than its internal growth is the success of the products it represents.

The company had established strategic planning, brand positioning and execution during the launch of the LG brand, but it also importantly customized all the sales & marketing messages to take account of the local Arabic culture and mentality.

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An example of the company’s success in the market is clearly demonstrated from independent statistics (the GFK/MEMRB report) identifying the brand as the number one or two market share wise in the kingdom for washing machine sales. Subsequently the company also attained the number one position in the country for LG brand Refrigerators and Microwave Ovens.



In addition to the distribution of its various consumer brands, the company created a network of Retail showrooms across the country to support its portfolio of products. The initial objective of the company was that a customer should be able to walk into any of its. Retail showrooms and walk out with value-for-money premium products that meet the full range of consumer electrical and electronic needs


This ranges from refrigerators, washing machines & microwaves to TV, video & audio products, plus mobile phones.
In today’s market this also includes leading technology products such as Super Ultra HD screens, OLED TV and 3D Blue-Ray
home theatres. The Retail department has developed its own network of company owned showrooms across the country.



LG Brand Shops

United Naghi excels in its passion in terms of extending prodigious amount of efforts to reach out to “the maximum”. With so many prospective brand shops in-line, it has from very now well established itself in terms of going beyond barriers to reign in the fields of Consumer retail.



With its continuous drive to reach out to the maximum, United Naghi conceptualized the Al Safwa loyalty program in 2014.
With this scheme, LG Brand Shops maintain a steadfast approach to boost its brand image and promotes an elite reward point based system that extends benefits of cash discounts across all Naghi Brand Shops.

Members get an exclusive entry-point to avail the promotions and discounts followed by priority in delivery and installation. It increasingly distinguishes itself by offering its customers exclusive extended warranty of up to 4 years on all its products with certain terms and conditions.





With over 41 Brand Shops branches across the Kingdom and more in counting, the company has plans to completely augment its robust retail wing by increasing the count to 65 by 2018.





LG Brand Shops have exceedingly promoted its brand image by focusing on premium products in each product line. With its distinct category of high end models in both consumer electronics and home appliances, United Naghi progressively imprints its image of’ delivering the best of quality and latest worldly technology




Service and Logistics

Service and innovation are keys to today’s success. The LG
Division’s main foundation USP was primarily focusing on RTAT (Repair Turn Around Time). The company strongly believes that bringing together business, technology and people is the way forward. It excels in providing exceptional customer service within an average of 1.3 days; being the best in the MEA. It proves its grit by being supported by 18 direct service centers, 125 in-home service vehicles and 145 Electronics, HA, AC and IT engineers.




The company was the very first in Saudi Arabia to offer “On the Spot” repair and “Free Loan Unit” service under its potent pennant. With its pervasive aim to provide excellent quality service, the LG Division in 2006 formed its customer care centers with the line 800-244-2929 representing fully automated feedback and support to meet with all possible customer related queries and information requirements.
With these centers, United Naghi takes pride in successfully ensuring 100% satisfaction of customers with absolute follow up of their concerns being supported by happy calling and accomplishing instantaneous delivery of service.





United Yousef M Naghi Co. Ltd has an extensive network of more than 16 warehouses spread over 161,000 SQm’s supported by a strong hold of 500 employees and a fleet of 100 trucks. The company takes pride in ensuring 100% retail delivery compliance within 24 hrs. It is accredited by an effective Customer Satisfaction Evaluation System and a fully-fledged WMS environment.



The Logistics & Services team go hand in hand to ensure the best of quality delivery to be made to our customers. With round the clock services and constant follow-up of deliveries being made, this dynamic division goes up and beyond to contribute to the effective and prolific brand image of United Naghi.


PRO-ICT Division

The Pro-ICT Division was established in 2002 with the objective of providing both the public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia.
With a complete cross-section of services and product, the Division has provided numerous high profile clients in the kingdom with single, multi-screen and security applications from conferences and exhibitions to hotels and in-store promotions.



PRO-ICT Division

The Pro-ICT Division specializes in providing complete systems and equipment to enable video conferencing to be an inherent part of an organizations communication method both within the kingdom and worldwide.
In terms of security the division can supply and install full monitoring and control systems from small complexes to extensive industrial and governmental establishments.




The Pro-ICT Division along with highly selective suppliers of high tech equipment have been able to achieve a market share in excess of 70% and is still expanding by means of a constant introduction of the latest technology.



With a client listing that includes Mobily, NCB (National Commercial Bank), InterContinental Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, EMMAR, plus several Government Ministries, the future for the Division is bright and it will continue with its expansion program


The drive and enthusiasm of United Naghi’s team has helped successfully position LG Electronics and its other leading and innovating brands such as TCL, LAKES, Century, OCEAN, Smeg, Magic, Coway etc. become an outstanding and significant player in the consumer electronics and Home Facility category in Saudi Arabia In keeping with the market trends United Yousef Naghi Co. expanded its activities into other sectors of the electronics and home facility sector and established the Air Conditioning & Home Facilities Division.


This division with its experience in handling high quality LG products defined other areas of the Saudi home environment where there was a requirement for products being efficient and cost-effective. These areas of the market included household Air-Conditioning, Air Purifiers, Water Dispensers (Hot & Cold function), Gas Cookers and Bathroom equipment.



TCL & LAKES Air Conditioners were added to the division’s Portfolio backed up by a credible warranty and service facility.
COWAY Air Purifiers manufactured in Korea are award winning products designed to provide a cleaner air environment with the ability to filter the majority of negative particles commonly found in household air.
MAGIC & AQUARIA Water dispensers both again manufactured in Korea and credited with excellent design and operating features, both of which are powered with LG Compressors which offer a 10 Year Warranty. SMEG Gas cookers from Italy are recognized worldwide as unique in design and quality for freestanding cookers which incorporate numerous safety features.


United Naghi’s extended retail arm; EDDY was formed in 2012; EDDY is a multi-brand, multi-format, multi-channel retailer with 11 Showroom branches followed by plans to roll out by 2019 upto 47 more branches across the Kingdom.

They have propogated their brand image of “One stop shop for all home needs” by sucessfully proving their forte of distribution by covering spheres of Electronics, IT, Small Appliances, Kitchenware and Furniture.



It focuses on revolutionizing the way of shopping, ideas and innovations to be a pioneer in fulfilling all family needs.

Through their outstanding service and exceptional shopping experience, EDDY emphasizes on meeting the precise needs of the customers by providing the right product.

EDDY’s main objective is to give that feeling of Comfort, Convenience and Ease of selection to your desired Home Ware from Electronics, Digital Products, Home Appliances, Personal Care and Kitchen Appliances, Kitchenware, Tableware, Bedding and Soft Furnishing. Also, a variety of selection of Furniture that suits any family’s tastes for their Modern and Stylish Home. All that combined with the assistance of the best well trained staff.


AJWAD Hospitality

Under the Chairmanship of Ammar Y. Naghi business has expanded with the establishment and
development in the Fields of Catering/Hospitality and Consumer Retail.

Ajwad Hospitality was founded in Dec 2011 with the aim of creating food and retail concepts that delight customers by offering value for money and high quality ingredients in a relaxing and safe environment, with its Head-office located in Jeddah – KSA





They have grown steadily since then specialising in products / services such as the Labeeb Restaurant – Mediterian cuisine, Labeeb Sweets, Marcel’s – fronzen Yougert, Momentary – Steak House, Catering division – Full catering services (trading)